Top Five iPhone 12 Mini Accessories That Are To-Die For

That iPhone 12 Mini you’re eyeing will be needing some awesome Apple iPhone 12 Mini accessories to go with it. For sure, every phone accessory company is releasing all sorts of products for Apple’s newest models. Now you don’t have to wade through all that to find the best ones because we’ve done it for you! Here are the top 5 iPhone Mini accessories that are sure to make your new iPhone 12 Mini stand out even more.

1. Wave Bluetooth 3.0 Light Up Speaker from Rockstone
Upgrade your listening experience with gradient lighting that pulsates to the beat of your favorite music! This fantastic speaker comes with 75 built-in LED lights in two color combinations - teal and gray - with 5 different color mode options. It gives you up to 4 hours of music before you need to charge. Get different playback options with a Micro SD card slot and an AUX-in function. At 5W, you can be sure you will be hearing your favorite beats loud and clear.

2. iPhone 12 Mini Blue Light Screen Protector from The Screen Patrol
Protect your new iPhone 12 Mini screen from scratches while protecting your eyes from harmful blue light. This easy to install iPhone 12 Mini Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector maintains high touch sensitivity so you don’t need to worry about responsiveness. It’s crystal clear, very thin and sturdy, and best of all, avoid eye strain and enjoy your phone activities a lot more with our Blue Light Screen Protector collection.

3. Simpl Touch Magnetic Dash Mount by Mighty Mount
Easily secure your phone on your dashboard, without all the frills that come with other car mounts with this car phone holder. This dashboard phone holder for car is one sleek and simple iPhone accessory. It has 6 neodymium magnets that give it the strongest hold for your iPhone 12 Mini. It has a wide range of tilt and rotation so it’s fairly easy to get just the perfect angle. Aside from having a clean setup, it helps you to talk on the phone while driving with as little distraction as possible.

4. Blu Toque Bluetooth Beanie by The Bluetooth Beanie
With cold weather creeping in there’s no need to sacrifice your listening pleasure. Listen to music, podcasts, or whatever suits your fancy sans frustrating wires!

This Bluetooth Beanie is the last audio wearable you need to add to your iPhone 12 Mini accessories. Designed for use outdoors, it keeps you warm and comfy whether you’re listening to music or taking a phone call. With built-in speakers, mic, and controls, you don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket.

5. Blu Toque Olive Green Beanie with Pom Pom by The Bluetooth Beanie
We love these beanies so much, we had to pick two! This olive green number has an adorable faux fur pompom on top that makes cold weather a lot more fun. The built-in speakers, mic, and controls are removable so you can easily wash the beanie. With 6 hours of playback and 60 hours of standby time for a 2-hour charge, you are sure to be getting the best bang for your buck.

We’re all about an all-around awesome experience so we covered phone accessories for protection, convenience, and style. And there you have some of the best iPhone Mini accessories to make your new iPhone experience a lot more exciting and enjoyable. Have fun!

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