The Best Phone Cases In 2022

Using our mobile phones is like second nature to us. Aside from the usual call and messaging feature that we regularly use, our mobile phones have also been an extension of our work and play.

The Best Phone Cases In 2022 - Wallet Phone Case

Whether it is a workweek and you have to attend a meeting while in transit, or there is a document that needs a quick read and checking, or whether you want to relax and unwind by playing games, or reading an e-book or watching a downloaded video or online—our mobile phones are frequently used that it is largely prone to wear and tear. Especially with our day to day experience, sometimes it cannot be helped to experience accidents like dropping our phone or getting it scratched.

Our fast-paced lifestyle often overlooks caution as we go on with our daily activities head on. Naturally, this boosted the need for phone cases, making it a necessity rather than simply an accessory. Thankfully, with our iPhone 14 Pro Max case, there is lesser impact in case of unexpected scenarios that would incur damage to this generation’s new best friend, our smart phones.

Still, it doesn’t prevent us from experiencing some sort of incident out of the blue. There are still a few worst “case” scenarios we can cite, most especially if you are using a sub-standard kind. Not all cases protect, some are just plain accessories

Worst “Case” Scenarios

Accidents happen for sure. This means despite the usual precaution we do, here are common accidents people usually encounter even with the use of a phone case.

Note that the following are only focused on external damages that may possibly occur on phones for most people.

Damage To The Screen

Mobile screens break when there is a direct impact to the surface or the phone’s edges.

Probable Worst “Case” Scenarios

Leaving your device unattended where it can be exposed to damaging scenarios or causes, loosing grip as you are multitasking where your phone accidentally falls on hard and rough surfaces, and colliding briefly but strongly with blunt and hard objects inflicting damage unintentionally.

Damage to your phone’s screen is probably the most common people usually experience. It varies but you see it as spider-web like lines on the mobile’s screen. In others it appears with deep lines because the glass is already broken, and it badly needs a replacement.

Damage To The Body

This may not be as common as damage to a phone’s body would require brute force, wild energy or high-impact accidents. Hard-hitting incidents may not be usual, but it exists. Other similar scenarios are basically relevant to the ones mentioned earlier but here are three specifics we can mention.

Probable Worst “Case” Scenarios

Leaving your phone unattended where it can be exposed to damaging scenarios or causes, exploding phone battery due to overheating, and unsafe storage of your phone where it may easily fall and hit the ground.

Damage To The Camera Lens

Part of what you pay for is the phone’s camera. The higher the specs, the higher the quality of its parts. Latest phone models for Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy 5G phones or other popular Android phones take pride of their own innovations.

With its camera being one of the major selling points, we can’t help but wonder how do camera lens even get damage? Fortunately, we’ll dive right into the situation to know what to watch out for in case we forget.

The Best Phone Cases In 2022 - Clear Phone Case

Probable Worst “Case” Scenarios

Part of the damage to a fall, where it can break the surface or incur deep damage within, overexposure to sunlight causing the grease from the camera’s gears to melt ad damage the entire camera, and contact with other elements that may damage the phone camera lens—like sand, dust, humidity, and other chemicals.

Though it is but a small part of the whole phone, it is a valuable tool for socials, digital and marketing people alike. And even if you’re not, and you’re just someone who wants to capture their moments for remembrance, it is good to know what is the best that can protect you.

Perhaps we can say that these sample “case” scenarios are like a universal experience and everyone had a similar experience to these. It only highlights that quality phone cases are important.

Unless you have been totally careful, or you have been using a durable protective phone case, your phone would still experience damage here and there. So, with these thoughts in mind, we have gathered the top priority attributes people look for in a phone case.

The Top Attributes

Sometimes even when you’re careful, your phone is still vulnerable. Something just happens randomly that can cause serious damage to it. Knowing this at the back of your mind can be overwhelming, so we invite you to come and look around here at Caseco.

Instead of going around looking at stores in person, go and search here online. What better place to search than here at Caseco. Find the right phone case that can reinforce your phone’s protection to be safe from these random accidents.

As we go through the motions of our daily life together, we can’t help it but understand why this makes sense. In effect, we find ourselves looking for the same thing with other people.

So here are the characteristics people look for in a phone case. 

The Best Phone Cases In 2022 - Rugged Phone Case

1. Made of Shock Absorbent Material

Not all cases are made the same. Some are made better with a shock absorbent material. These provide a flexible cushion that receives impact first-hand. Due to its high resiliency, it can prevent damage and protect your phone as a reliable cover at the same time.

Shock absorbing materials include silicone, rubber, and different kinds of polymer. Caseco uses TPU from made of recycled plastics. It is a soft kind and is better than silicon as it is environment friendly and provides a good grip for mobile users. Although it is not as flexible as silicone, it is high-impact resistant. 

2. Dust, Water, and Scratch Resistant

Aesthetic is important. We appreciate our phone better and longer when we can keep it at its best shape and state, like brand new even! Neither water nor dirt would stick so you wouldn’t have to keep on wiping or cleaning your phone because it can keep itself clean.

The scratch-proof feature is a plus. It involves a scratch-resistant coating hence it can prevent abrasion and is kind of virtually unbreakable. 

3. Fitted Button Cutouts

Ever had a phone case that fits your phone but did not get the buttons and ports, right? Nothing is more annoying than ill-fitted cutouts for sure. You need your smart phone’s buttons for volume and whatever for, along with its ports for charging and audio, accessible and working.

With Caseco, we are very familiar with all the latest and most popular models of Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and other Android phones so you don’t have to worry about this. Our iPhone cases and Samsung phone cases fits just right and the cutouts unobstructed or not thorough. 

4. Lightweight and Slim

With everything else people tend to carry around, a lot of people appreciate slim and neat phone cases these days. The look is fresh and straightforward just like our Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra carbon fiber case, no extra bulk or unnecessary detailing and most importantly, lightweight.

Good thing at Caseco you have access to see a lot of options for slim cases that will let you achieve that minimalist look with no extra frazzles. 

5. MagSafe or Wireless Charger Compatible

As technology is further harnessed, we can now enjoy a gift of innovation, that is wireless charging. This is now gradually picking up pace around the world and seeing as it is the most convenient way of charging, we may see the days of wired charging become less preferred.

It is not only a trend; it is starting to become the new norm. With giants like Apple and other leading tech companies using this technology, phone cases have also adopted compatibility to this feature.

Thus, a lot of iPhone and Android phone users now also check if the phone case they are buying are MagSafe or wireless charging compatible. And why not, with just an easy tap and snap on your wireless charging pad, you are already good to go. 

6. Anti- RFID and Anti-EMF Radiation

These features are also relevant as it has a lot of information on us and we are in constant use of our phones. With the RFID technology being able to identify us through digital scanners, it is wise to invest in wallet cases that can block this.

Avoid data theft or prevent the risk of being vulnerable to it by getting anti-RFID card cases. Additionally, since our phone are constantly attached to us with our constant use of it, it is better to gave wallet phone cases that protect you from exposure to EMF radiation.

EMF or electric and magnetic fields are invisible areas of energy that are associated to devices using electrical power. Too much exposure to it may cause sleep disturbances, headache, fatigue, and other negative effects toward health.

Caseco values the welfare and safety of our customers and has included this feature in its range of vegan leather wallet phone cases. 

7. Multipurpose

These days, it is not enough that a phone case is only a phone case. Having different functionalities are also preferred. Caseco offers magnetic wallet phone cases that does not only protect your phone but can also carry your cash and card.

Similarly, we also have iPhone 11 crossbody case. With a simple attachment of a strap it can transform into a chic small crossbody bag or a wrist wallet phone case.

And since these are magnetic cases, you can detach the actual phone case from the wallet or the crossbody and use it separately when you want to or charge it with your wireless charging pad without the whole attachment. 

8. Environment friendly

We can’t stress this one enough, but it is probably the most important. With too much plastic waste in our seas, the landfills, and the planet, we must make a conscious choice to switch to environment friendly cases. This means that a lot of people are already looking for options that are non-toxic, cruelty-free, BPA-free and fully recyclable.

It doesn’t seem much of a contribution the global plastic waste problem, but we can support it by not only buying quality phone cases but also sustainable ones.

At Caseco, that is our passion and our purpose so you can make the smart choice and contribute in helping to stop this problem from growing any further. With our collective effort, it is possible to make this meaningful change as long as there are people who choose to be conscious and live an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Recommended Phone Cases for You 

The Best Phone Cases In 2022 - Design Cases

1. Magneto Slim Rugged Phone Case

Rugged phone cases are one of the latest iPhone 13 cases and Samsung Galaxy 22 cases from Caseco. They are made with an integrated metal plate that is compatible with magnetic phone mount and accessories. The layer inside is made of impact-resistant rubber, giving your phone a two-layer protection. Currently they are available in black, teal, and purple.

2. Fruit Phone Case by Mandy

When life gives you lemons, get this bright yellow case. Samsung Galaxy S22 Fruit Case is an optimistic pop of color that can surely brighten your day. Like Caseco’s other offerings, this is compatible with Magsafe charger so you can charge effortlessly.

It’s available for both iPhone and Samsung phone models so get yours now.

3. Smokey Marble Phone Case by Mandy

This unique design is another creation by the local artist, Mandy Beaune. This cool marble iPhone 11 case that gives both protection and style. With simple colors mixing to get that marble effect, you can enjoy something subtle but impressive.

This durable iPhone 11 phone case is drop-tested and made with raised bezels so your phone’s body and surface is protected even if you drop it from a height of 10 feet!

4. Park Ave Magnetic Wallet Phone Case

Inspired by the look and feel of luxury leather bags, Park Ave iPhone 11 Pro Max vegan leather wallet case is available in different colors and has is also available for different phone models too.

Whether you are an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy user, you can choose this stylish phone case in brown, blue, and gold. MagSafe and wireless charging compatible, you can enjoy a phone case and a vegan leather folio wallet at the same time. Know more about it when you check out Caseco. 

5. Crossbody Wallet Phone Case

Perfect for multitaskers and people who are always moving about with their phone. This crossbody phone case is the perfect wallet phone case for you. Don’t hold back because you can move freely with this crossbody iPhone case.

Just attach this crossbody wallet phone case to its strap and it will work like dainty body bag that can hang on your shoulders, so you have your hands free. 

What Customers Love About Caseco Phone Cases

The Best Phone Cases In 2022 - Marble Phone Case

Caseco phone cases are good in pictures as they are in real life. We don’t disappoint and our high customer ratings and rave reviews are proof of the quality and functionality we deliver.

But more than this, we are a conscious company that believes in the importance of our environment and making the green choice. Touching both business and advocacy, see how our customers think about Caseco phone cases.

1. Practical and Timely

“I have always used a fully cushioned case that [accommodates] credit cards, driver's license, etc. But with the crossbody, I can now shop without a handbag to look after. With Covid protocols, is nice to have what I need for a shopping experience without lugging a handbag. With summer on our doorstep, I won't have as many pockets to store my "stuff" while shopping & the crossbody fits the bill.” - Patricia A.

2. Exactly What You Need

“I called customer service with a question and got a fast, friendly, accurate answer. After scouring the internet for the perfect case, I purchased this case for my extremely picky father, and it is exactly what he was looking for. This phone case has solidified my title as favorite child for the foreseeable future. And we both love that it’s environmentally friendly :)” – Anonymous

3. Top of the Line Quality

“I like this product as it offer complete protection from all sides. It’s very sturdy and elegant too. Trust me and buy it. It’s superior to other products in the market today.” – Ashley S.

4. Highly Recommended

“I bought this wallet phone case for my iPhone 12 Mini for an upcoming trip I have, so I can have everything I need in one place. It is absolutely perfect! Just like the pictures. I wouldn't use it on an everyday basis though, because I tend to carry a lot more than just 3 cards, but for this trip and going out dancing and stuff is perfect since I only need to bring my ID, insurance card, credit card and a little amount of cash. I recommend this product 100%.” – Zachery A.

5. Satisfaction Guaranteed by Repeat Buyers

“I had ordered a couple of months ago and I couldn’t help to order again. I ordered the artist cases and they all came beautifully. There phone cases are really good quality.” – Felix O. 

6. Your Best “Case” Scenario

Grab a case from Caseco and you’ll surely experience your best “case” scenario! Get your phone protected and styled with quality phone cases that are available in a wide array of designs and colors. But more than its looks, you get to enjoy the best attributes most people look for in a phone case right here.
Whether you are constantly at your phone because of school or work, or you are a light user that is more on messaging and socials, you need durable protection that also protects you from exposure to radiation and more. With Caseco, you can keep your phone and your self in tip top shape so you can enjoy your whole experience. 

To further ensure overall protection, check out the available screen protectors you can browse in our page as well. We have different collections designed with features fit for the modern needs of users in this digital day and age. So, come and see more iPhone and Samsung cases here at Caseco. Your phone will have a sure fit you can maximize fully.

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