Intentional Shopping: Can It Help Your Pocket And Our Environment?

It can be hard sometimes to resist the temptation to buy something new, particularly when you see items on sale. In these recent times when we’ve all been stuck at home a lot more, it’s become all too easy to click ‘add to basket’.

Yet when we start keeping all of our new purchases because we might wear them, or they might come in useful one day – that’s when our wallet really feels the strain. Not only this, but when we over-shop, the environment is going to feel the impact as well.

What Does It Mean to Shop Intentionally?

Shopping intentionally doesn’t mean only buying goods second hand or refusing to purchase anything for a year. What it does mean is thinking about your spending habits and avoiding impulse buys. You don’t need to avoid the sales, but you should only be buying an item if it’s truly worthwhile. 

Across the world 80% of discarded garments aren’t recycled. Some because they can’t be, and others because it’s just not thought about. When you stick to a more minimalist lifestyle, you’re preventing this from happening, which is why intentional shopping is so important.

How to Shop Intentionally

It’s difficult to change your shopping habits all at once, but by taking some small steps you’ll really start to notice the difference. Shopping intentionally isn’t about owning one pair of jeans for the rest of your life, or about never buying phone accessories for your sweet new Samsung S20. It’s about making sure every purchase is the right choice for you, to reduce waste, and save you money in the long run.

Take 60 Seconds

Before making any purchase, but especially with clothing, you should take 60 seconds to think how buying this will benefit you. Are you simply buying something because it’s on offer? If it’s not needed, then no matter how low the price is, it’s still going to impact your monthly budget, and for what? To have something you’ll never use or wear. Next time you’re rushing to the online checkout, stop and think mindfully about each item in your basket.

Think Sustainable

When making a new purchase, it’s always good to think about where it’s come from. Every single thing you buy can make an impact on the environment, and the more sustainable products increase in popularity, the more chance that those made of harmful, non-recyclable substances will cease to be produced. By buying sustainable items, you’re doing your bit to help.

How Caseco Helps

At Caseco, sustainable is our bottom line, but we still keep all of our products wallet-friendly. Take the new Samsung Galaxy S20 range. Our Vegan Folio case is not only made without animal products, it doesn’t use PVC either, but a more sustainable alternative. When it comes to Galaxy S20 cases, we know that our customers want to by more intentionally, which is why we make it easy for them! Our cases are BPA-free and fully recyclable, so they’re not going to cause the same impact to the environment.

Want to learn more about Caseco’s commitment to the environment? Check out our Environmental Promise for more information on all the ways we are determined to help.

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