Best Pool Party and BBQ Gadgets For Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special event that celebrates the brave men and women who have served in the armed forces and is the unofficial beginning of the summer. What better way to celebrate than with sizzling barbecues and pool parties? But you need the correct tools to level up the game on your celebrations. 

For you and your visitors, these tools may improve the whole experience and make it more easy and pleasurable. The proper gadgets can make your Memorial Day pool party and BBQ special, from portable Bluetooth speakers that keep the music playing to waterproof phone pouches that safeguard your priceless gadgets. 

Make your Memorial Day fun by exploring the world of the finest pool party and BBQ equipment!

Pool Party Essentials

Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Music that Makes a Splash

When it comes to hosting an epic pool party, music is an absolute must-have! Picture yourself lounging by the pool, the sun kissing your skin, and your favourite tunes filling the air. A portable Bluetooth speaker is your ultimate companion to elevate poolside jam sessions.

Dive into the world of waterproof speakers that are not only designed to float effortlessly on the water but also withstand splashes and accidental drops. These speakers are built to withstand wild water adventures and keep the party vibes strong.

Waterproof Phone Pouch - Splash-Proof Protection for Your Phone

No pool party is complete without capturing picture-perfect moments and sharing them with friends. But wait! What about the safety of your precious iPhone 14? Enter the waterproof iPhone 14 plus case, your trusty sidekick, for keeping your iPhone safe and sound.

Designed to provide ultimate protection from water damage, these pouches allow you to snap stunning underwater shots or stream your favourite tunes while splashing around. 


Say goodbye to worries about accidental drops or water-related mishaps, and embrace the joy of capturing every memorable moment.

With these pool party essentials in your kit, you're ready to make a splash at your Memorial Day celebration. From pumping up the tunes with a portable Bluetooth speaker to capturing breathtaking moments with a waterproof phone pouch, you're all set for an unforgettable poolside extravaganza. 

So grab your gadgets, dive in, and let the good times roll!

BBQ Must Haves

Grilling mouthwatering meats and sizzling barbecue favourites is an art form in itself. To master the grill, you'll need the right tools. 

Here are some BBQ must-haves that will make your Memorial Day cookout legendary.

Digital Meat Thermometer - The Secret to Perfectly Cooked Meat

Suppose you're hosting a backyard barbecue, and your guests eagerly await the juiciest, tenderest meat they've ever tasted. How do you achieve that culinary heaven? The answer lies in a digital meat thermometer. 

With its precise temperature readings, you'll know when your steak reaches that succulent medium-rare or when your chicken hits the ideal level of doneness—no more guesswork and no more serving undercooked or overcooked meat. 

Your friends and family will be in awe of your grilling powers.

BBQ Tool Set - Unleash Your Inner Grill Master

Every grilling expert needs a trusty BBQ tool to tackle their smoky batch. Equipped with essential tools like tongs, spatula, and grill brush, you'll show off your grilling utensils with finesse and confidence. Flip burgers easily, turn sausages like a pro, and effortlessly clean the grates to ensure a flawless grilling experience. 

Invest in a high-quality set that will stand the test of time and elevate your BBQ game to new heights.

Grill Light - Shine a Light on Your BBQ Brilliance

As the sun sets and dusk descends upon your backyard gathering, don't let darkness dampen your grilling spirit. Get the grill light, your beacon of illumination in the twilight zone. 

Attach it to your grill, and let there be light! Illuminate your cooking surface and ensure precise grilling, even under the night sky. Adjustable brightness options and easy mounting features enhance your outdoor cooking adventures a breeze.

If you have these BBQ essentials in your toolkit, you'll be grilling like a pro and working culinary wonders that will have everyone talking about your Memorial Day barbeque for years. So light up the grill, embrace your inner grill master, and let the tastes ignite your pleased visitors' taste buds.

Fun and Entertaining Gadgets

Inflatable Pool Floats - Make a Splash with Eye-Catching Pool Floats

Inflatable pool floats are a must-have when creating a festive atmosphere at your pool party! These vibrant and fun floats add a splash of colour to the pool and provide a comfortable spot for lounging and soaking up the sun.

Look for floats with unique designs and features that will make your guests go "Wow!" Cup holders are a practical addition, ensuring your favourite beverages are always within reach as you float around. 

Some floats have built-in speakers, allowing you to enjoy your favourite tunes while basking in the water.

Waterproof Outdoor Projector - Transform Your Poolside into a Movie Theater!


Imagine the fun of relaxing by the pool while watching a movie beneath the stars. This fantasy can come true if you have a weatherproof outdoor projector! These projectors are ideal for poolside movie evenings since they are made expressly to endure outside conditions.

When selecting a projector, seek models with a lot of brightness and great adaptability to different gadgets. No matter what movie you're watching, you may experience clear and colourful graphics this way. 

Prepare the popcorn, grab some cosy blankets, and get ready for a unique cinematic experience.

Outdoor Games - Dive into Endless Fun and Laughter!

No pool party is complete without some exciting outdoor games that everyone can enjoy. Whether it's a competitive game of pool volleyball or a lighthearted round of floating beer pong, these games will keep your guests entertained and create lasting memories.

Opt for games that are easy to set up and suitable for guests of all ages. Water-resistant game sets are ideal for poolside play, ensuring they withstand splashes and stay in top condition. 

The market has many options, from inflatable target toss games to water basketball hoops. So, gather your friends and family, and let the games begin!


In conclusion, your Memorial Day pool party will be a hit by incorporating fun and entertaining gadgets like inflatable pool floats, a waterproof outdoor projector, and exciting outdoor games. 

Create a festive atmosphere, enjoy movie nights by the pool, and dive into endless fun and laughter with these must-have gadgets. 

Get ready for an unforgettable celebration!

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