Our mission is to create better accessories for mobile devices. In a world of material excess, we strive to create products that meld functionality and progressive design. The inspiration behind our products are you, our customers.  We want to create products that people actually want, we want to listen to you and your needs. In the design and development of our products, we take great care in making sure our impacts on the surrounding environment are minimized as much as possible. However, sustainability in the tech industry is often associated with higher prices, but that's not the case for us. We strive to provide people with affordable sustainable options that won't drain your wallets.

Here at Caseco we all genuinely believe in creating a more sustainable world. In our efforts, we’ve eliminated single-use plastics from our packaging and introduced paper boxes printed on with soy-based inks. Our products are also responsibly manufactured with recyclable materials without the use of animal products. Caseco has supported ethical manufacturing by refusing to work with child labour while continuing to create job opportunities at our Canadian warehouse for those facing language and education barriers to employment.

We believe everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment, and it’s this belief that fuels our decision to donate 1% of our sales to Plastic Oceans Canada. This charitable organization protects, supports, and helps rebuild the ecosystem and our dear oceans.

In our mission to reduce greenwashing, Caseco also donates a portion of every purchase to 1% For The Planet. We’ve partnered up with this charity to help reduce greenwashing in the tech industry by being honest and transparent about our products, materials, manufacturing, and contributions, unlike some greenwashing companies who only talk the talk. We even take care to accurately showcase our products with real life photos taken in house with our very own employees, no fake generic 3D renders like on Amazon. With us, what you see is what you get. We are proud of the products we provide and of our efforts to become a more sustainable brand. We hope that with every purchase you make here, you too can be confident in your contributions towards sustainability.